Workout #2 Teaser

Workout #2 Teaser

Tidal Open Test Workout #2 Requirements

RX / Elite / Masters RX 35-44

Muscle Up (Fewer reps for Masters)
Lunge (50/35lb DB)
Box Facing Burpee (24/20″)

Masters RX 45+ / Teens (15-17)

Chest-to-Bar Pull Up
Lunge (35/20lb DBs)
Box Facing Burpee (24/20″)


Jumping Pull Ups
Farmers Carry Walking Lunge (35/20lb DBs)
Box Facing Burpee (12″)


*Division requirements for all workouts follow standards set in the 2017 CrossFit Games Open.


NOTE: FOR THIS WORKOUT ONLY, ATHLETES HAVE THE OPTION TO SCALE DOWN THE HIGH SKILL MOVEMENT (I.e. RX/Master’s 35-44 can scale down to chest-to-bar pull ups, Masters 45+/Teens can scale down to jumping pull ups). HOWEVER, your score for this workout cannot rank above someone who completes the workout as prescribed.

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